Friday, June 1, 2007

Learning to Swim in a New Medium

I’ve been finding my way to what is interesting about blogging and am thinking about particular questions and your take on them. In the next week or so, I’ll be posting three or four of them, after which I will lay low for awhile to let comments accumulate.
First , I’m interested in how you would answer the question, “What is illusionism?". Ever since Paul Manning wrote something to the effect of “What the F*** is illusionism?" On the evaluation at the end of class, it’s been clear to me that I must not have come up with a concise amnd straightforward definition, so I can use some help. I’ve always said initially , that it’s the appearance of space and volume in an image. In its purest form , it’s actually fooling the eye into believing something could be real which engages sensory reactions rather than simply communicating the idea of space. Beyond the simple definition, I’m also interested in what about it you are drawn to philosophically, where you see larger implications. I look forward to whatever thoughts you have on this. Thanks!


Mizz K. Lulu said...

Illusionism is, in my humble opinion, being able to tell a story but rather than saying it out loud, people understand it through what you give them visually. It's being able to show something that isn't of this world because it is produced through "human" means rather than through a tool such as a camera. It is tricking the eye, but at the same time opening the mind's eye to a place we have never been before yet find so incredibly uncanny.

EricaD said...

Telling lies to show the truth...tricking people into seeing. I don't understand why but I know our minds enjoy when they trick themselves. I guess when what we think is, is not, it is really more straight forward and our brains get a kick out of there is more room for possibilities{dimensional and quantum} and in such more room to choose a different way of seeing.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. One day I asked God{insert your version here}: "Why do you veil everything why be so tricky about life?"
God said the same thing right back to me....been trying to answer my own question ever since.
Easier said than done I guess.

EricaD said...

hey...what is the world is flat!? or all-ways flattening out you know like a code or mental accordian...folding like origami?
Try and wrap your brain around that 1.