Tuesday, May 15, 2007

hey everybody....

It's Katherine Lucente aka Mizz K. Lulu!
Here's some stuff I did in Illusionism I that sort of started me on this fairy tale twisting kick. I got really into H.P. Lovecraft junior year as well as got into trouble with some awful relationships freshman and sophomore year. Then I reread Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid and felt terrible pathos for the main character as she was martyred and used by the prince. So I wrote a quick summery for a story I plan on writing this summer based upon The Little Mermaid but with a vengeful twist. My Little Mermaid is set during a time when pretty much everything on Earth is useless except the sea due to the inevitable nuclear holocaust. The few people left on Earth are pretty much pirates and modern primitives who inhabit giant trash pile islands and massive rusted battleships that look like half sunken spaceships. Little do these people know that as the nuclear holocaust shook the earth, something old, something strange woke up in the abyss of the sea...

the image below was created in advanced illusionism:

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Susan Waters-Eller said...

What an interesting story concept. The question of what would be left if the earth were ruined in some way, and how beings would adapt is a rising concern.
You would like Russell Hoben's book "Riddley Walker"
for his projections on life after the world as we know it is destroyed. He even modifies the language in interesting ways.