Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Vibration Drawings

Twenty drawings from the "Vibration Drawing " series are now on display in the Decker Gallery of the Fox building until
September 9 with a reception Sept. 6, 5-7. You may have seen one of these begun in your class. "Ventricle I" of the series by that name is the image shown here. All were inspired by the new research indicating that new neurons are formed along the linings of the ventricles (fluid filled spaces) in adults. All of the work tries to draw attention to how much is going on in what
has previously been considered empty space and that fixed ideas of boundaries between things should be reconsidered.

Friday, August 17, 2007

More TVs

I thought it was interesting that Mike DiMotta used televisions in his image for "The Seven Deadly Sins" of "Sloth".
Letting the real world fall apart around you while lost in the artificial reality of television suggests the way TV promotes inertia.
Though he uses a cartoon style, his command of space lets him pack a tremendous amount of information in a small space, and emphasizes the uniformity created by everyone having the same sensory experiences.