Friday, February 29, 2008

Stage Three

Here's the newest stage of the drawing you've been watching grow.
Every one of the comments you gave me on the last stage affected it enormously.
Thank you so much. Now I'll wait a bit to see what else anyone has to say.
This might be the last stage in progress. It's starting to feel like time to wrap it up.


Michael J DiMotta said...

It's pretty amazing, feel tangible.

I like the eyes, they are there but not too overpowering

. It's funny how much I've been talking about the one mind out here (did you know I've been in portland for the past 2 months working?)

This picture just makes so much sense in relation to your theory, I think it's really strong


Benjamin said...

Susan! I've been trying to find you on the internet for a while now! Glad to see you guys collaborating online.

I saw this site at work today (tattoo shop) and thought of you:

Guy Aitchison

Anyway, I'll stop by now that I know you're online. Sorry can't give you a crit on the piece, I'm short on time.

Be good,

Jordan Bruns said...

You probably don't remember me, but a long time ago (2002?) I was in your Illusionism class with a broken right hand. I had a real tough time drawing with my non- dominant hand, but managed a -A mostly because I think you felt sorry for me. I just want to thank you because I look at my drawings today, and I see a lot of your class.
Thanks for all the knowledge!

J. Jordan Bruns
(812) 322-7368